2011/12 CMSDL Core Files Vendor

Each of the 20 schools currently in the Chicago Middle School Debate League are being sent 10 copies of the 2011/12 CMSDL Core Files this week by CPS central office.

If you should need additional copies, you should order them from the CMSDL’s core files vendor: ASAP, the Printing Source.

All of your orders should be emailed directly to David Solomon at asap3625@aol.com.

When emailing David your order, you will need to contain the following information:

Your Name
Your Phone Number
School Name
Address of School
Identify that you wish to order the “CMSDL 2011/2012 Core Files” (be sure you specify “CMSDL” or you will get the much longer high school files)
The number of copies you wish to order

ASAP will forward you an invoice and begin processing your order once the email is received.

The price per copy of each set of the 2011/12 CMSDL Core Files, including shipping, is $6.

To assure that you are able to locate the files once they are delivered, you should request for ASAP to provide email confirmation of delivery, including the name of the individual who signed for the package. Please note that ASAP has provided us with an estimated turnaround time of two business days.

If you have any questions regarding the 2011/12 CMSDL Core Files or the ordering process, please contact Bill Altorfer at billaltorfer@resources.chicagodebates.org.

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