Forrest Sumlar Departing the CDC

We are saying a very fond goodbye to Forrest Sumlar, who has worked as the Chicago Debate Commission Office Manager for the past two years and has done a superb job. Forrest is leaving the CDC at the end of this week to begin his legal career at DePaul Law School here in Chicago. Forrest handled his important work for the CDC with a very high degree of professionalism, careful attention, and always with unflagging respect and consideration for others.

Forrest, as you probably know, is a CPS and CDL alumnus (he was one of Morgan Park’s famed debate pioneer-stars), and a business degree graduate of the University of Illinois, where he worked with Chime Asonye to re-establish the U. of I. Intercollegiate NDT Debate Team, after a 30-year dormancy.

We wish Forrest great success and achievement, and hope to continue to see him at CDL tournaments!

Forrest will be keeping his email address for awhile, so contact him there if you’d like his new contact info.

Forrest’s responsibilities will, for the present, be taken over by the three full-time employees of the CDC. Bill Altorfer will take over Forrest’s accounting and financial work. David and Les will take over his programmatic information-management work. So, for example: Bill will be responsible for disbursing judge and vendor payments; David will take all tournament and judge registration; Les will collect and track student rosters, and produce programmatic reporting notebooks.

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