First Coach Training Seminar of the Regular 2011/12 Season

The first Coach Training Seminar of the regular season will be on Friday, September 2nd [note the date]. Actually, it will be split into two seminars.

From 9am – 12pm we will run a condensed version of this summer’s Introduction to Debate Coaching course. It is an introduction to competitive academic debate and to the basics of coaching in the CDL, essential for any coach new to the CDL this year who did not take the summer course, and a worthwhile review for anyone who wants to shore up on the introductory fundamentals.

From 12:30pm – 3:30pm
we will conduct a “close encounter with the space topic” — taking a close and careful look at the 2011/12 Core Files . . . and beyond. This session will be non-administrative, non-procedural, and exclusively a discussion and examination of some of the common, key affirmative cases and negative arguments on this year’s topic.

Both courses will be held at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, 25 E. Pearson St., Chicago, IL.

Coaches can certainly take both. Each will be worth three hours of CDL PD time and three hours of CPDUs.

Registration is required for both. Send an email to Les ( by 5pm on Wednesday, August 31st.

Middle school coaches are welcome and (as appropriate) encouraged to register. The close connection between the HS and MS formats, and the fact that both levels debate the same topic, will ensure that these two particular courses will be useful to MS coaches, too.

These two seminars, and all CDL events, can be found listed on the Events page of the CDL programming site.

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