2011/12 CDL Coaches Council

The Conferences have elected their representatives to the CDL Coaches Council.

2011/12 CDL Coaches Council Representatives

Don Baumgartner, Mason H.S. (“AA”), mathman02@gmail.com
Robb Berry, Northside College Prep (RCC), rsberry@cps.edu
Scott Dodsworth, Thomas Kelly H.S. (LCC), scott.t.dodsworth@gmail.com
Bob Edwards, Phoenix Military Academy (LCC), bobco1us@yahoo.com
Kurt Hilgendorf, Von Steuben Metro Science (“A”), kmhilgendorf@cps.k12.il.us
Val House, Lane Tech College Prep (RCC), vhouse@cps.edu
Paul Johnson, Westinghouse College Prep (“A”), minnesotamongol@gmail.com
Stephanie Mitchell, North Lawndale College Prep (“AA”), uhurufighter@gmail.com

We will have four meetings of the CDL Coaches Council this year, one per quarter. The first will take place soon, so contact your Conference representatives soon to discuss any matters you wish the Council to take up.

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