SY2011 CMSDL Coach Survey

In the spring, 10 of our 14 Chicago Middle School Debate League coaches from the 2010/11 season completed a survey.

The rate-scale results include these average numbers (where “1” means “strongly disagree” and “5” means “strongly agree”) —

I find coaching debate professionally rewarding — 4.67

The CMSDL is professionally managed and administered — 4.89

My students’ level of academic engagement in school significantly improved this school year as a result of participation in debate — 3.78 (where no coaches disagreed)

The narrative responses are summarized below:

2010/11 Chicago Middle School Debate League
Coaches Survey Results


Bullet points are paraphrases from common or typical responses.

What would you like to see improved — and what did you like — about how the CMSDL is administered by both the CDC and CPS?
• Like to see improved: judging, League needs competitively-grouped Conferences, Core Files should be posted and distributed earlier, get feedback from coaches re PD topics
• Like: great experience for coaches and students, food

If you’re a coach at a charter or guest school, did you receive a fair coach stipend this
season? Was your debate program adequately funded by your local school administration?
• Yes
• I’m somewhat concerned about transportation funding

What did you especially like about CMSDL tournaments?
• Tournaments were punctual, ended on time
• Highly engaging, competitively exciting, students would like more tournaments
• Rewarding to see academic growth demonstrated at tournaments

What would you like to see improved about CMSDL tournaments?
• Judging should be improved overall, and in particular HS student and adult judges should be calibrated so that they are judging approximately the same way
• Location of tournaments – some were too far away
• Would like to see guest speakers, particularly alumni, speaking to the impact of debate on their education and their lives

What did you especially like about CMSDL professional development and the new PD
system this season?
• Well organized and very informative PD sessions
• Increasing participation among less experienced coaches should be a priority
• On-line PD is a good addition

How can the CMSDL improve its professional development in the 2011/12 season?
• More on-line options, including webinars, and some weeknight options
• Each session should have a tighter focus around a topic or limited agenda – some ranged too much
• PD should be differentiated more clearly by level of experience

Comment on the system of performance reporting in place in the CMSDL. Does it help
you build your program? How can it be improved for next season?
• Useful information – it helps program building
• Medal count and competitive results are motivating to students
• Partial or limited understanding of the reporting system

Comment on the pluses and minuses, the strengths and weaknesses, of the Support
School Program in the CMSDL.
• Support school coach made a very big, positive impact on my program
• Would like to have more support school coach involvement/assistance

Comment on the communications in the CMSDL and the functionality and value of the
CMSDL programming site. How can communications be improved for next season? How
can the programming site be made more valuable and useful for you and your students?
• Outstanding communications system
• The programming site has been a great addition, year-long valuable resource
• Expand the CMSDL pages on the site – include video of actual CMSDL debates

Overall, how can the CMSDL help you engage and involve more students in your debate
program next season?
• The CMSDL has improved a lot over the past two years – keep up the improvement, growth, and good work
• Recruiting suggestions

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