SY2012 Allstate "Expanding Opportunities" Initiative

The Chicago Debate League Premier Sponsor, Allstate Insurance Co., is funding the “Expanding Opportunities” Initiative again in the 2011/12 school year. The “Expanding Opportunities” Initiative provides incentives and specific programming supports to the debate programs at the most poverty-impacted schools in the Chicago Debate League.

To begin with, the Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Initiative will provide $750 coaching incentives after Tournament Three to the top five (1 – 5) schools, and $500 coaching incentives to the next five (6 – 10) schools, in tournament participation at T1 – T3.

The schools that are targeted by the Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Initiative, i.e., those that are eligible for its benefits, are those that are 90% or higher in their students’ Title I percentage. Unfortunately, the number of those schools in the CDL has been rising, and now there are 34 “Expanding Opportunities” schools — fully 62% of our schools have student populations in which 9 out of 10 students are from poor families.

SY2012 Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Schools

Amundsen (“AA”)
Austin (“AA”)
Bogan (“AA”)
Bowen (“AA”)
Chicago Bulls (“AA”)
Clark (“A”)
Douglass (“AA”)
Ellison (“AA”)
Farragut (“A”)
Harlan (“A”)
Harper (“AA”)
Hope (LCC)
Hubbard (“A”)
Hyde Park (LCC)
Juarez (“AA”)
Julian (“AA”)
Thomas Kelly (LCC)
Kelvyn Park (LCC)
Little Village (“A”)
Marshall (“A”)
Mason (“AA”)
Mather (“A”)
North Lawndale (“AA”)
Perspectives Joslin(“AA”)
Perspectives Tech (“AA”)
Phillips (“AA”)
Phoenix (LCC)
Power House (“AA”)
Rowe-Clark (“A”)
South Shore Leadership (“AA”)
Schurz (“A”)
Urban Prep West (“AA”)
Williams (“AA”)

We’ll be reporting on the Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Initiative incentives after each CDL tournament this year.

To find the Title I percentage of each school in the CDL, consult the CDL Schools — Student Demographics Report.

Good luck to all these schools as you strive to “expand opportunities” for your students to transform their life chances and choices by becoming actively involved in academic debate.

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