Accepted Preview Affirmatives for Tournament One in Varsity (Conference "A" and "AA")

You can find the accepted previews and Runnable Caselist for Tournament One (Varsity only) on our Tournament Documents page.

In addition to the Core Files affirmatives, there is only one new affirmative case to prepare for and expect in Conference “AA” at Douglass:

In addition to the Core Files affirmatives (UC Woodlawn previewed their own altered version of Space-Based Missile Defense), there are three new affirmative cases to prepare for and expect in Conference “A” Varsity at Locke Lord LLP:

  • Joint Polar Weather Satellites (Hubbard)
  • Space-Based Solar Power (both Westinghouse and Chicago Ag previewed versions)
  • Asteroid Mining (Marshall)

Any team in the same Conference can research and use these previewed affirmatives, not just the schools that submitted them – you would have to use the exact same plan text, citations, Harms, and Solvency mechanisms as what was previewed, however, in writing these for yourself.

Wondering how to deal with and answer these preview affirmatives?
We’ll post some research tips and suggestions for answering the previews soon here on the CDL programming site.

Are you a new coach? Not sure if this applies to you or what a preview is?
Click the Tournament Documents link for an explanation of what Previews are. Short answer is: new, first-year Junior Varsity debaters will debate only the Core Files, so choose one affirmative case to prepare your team for when they’re affirmative and make good use of the Core Files Strategy Guide to prepare against the four Core Files affirmatives they will hear when they’re negative.

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