New Trier Varsity Tournament Offers 50% Entry Fee Discount to CDL Teams

The New Trier debate team is extending its invitation and a 50% discount on entry fees ($40 per 2-debater team, down from $80) to its Varsity-only tournament held on Saturday, October 22nd and Sunday, October 23rd (please check schedule), with late elimination rounds on Monday, October 24th. This is one of the strongest national circuit tournaments in the Chicago area and a great test for RCC, LCC, and ambitious teams from other conferences.

All registration takes place on the Joy of Tournaments website and each school is responsible for following the tournament rules, paying entry fees, providing/hiring/paying judges, and entering/dropping teams according to the New Trier tournament deadlines.

Thanks to New Trier debate coaches PJ Samorian and Aaron Vinson.

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