Professional Development Update

The 2011/12 Chicago Debate League Professional Development System establishes a standard of 20 hours of debate PD over the course of the season for each regular coach, 10 hours for each external coach. Coaches that are in their 7th year (or more) in the CDL have this standard waived.

There are seven venues for CDL professional development:

  • Coach Training Courses (offered over the summer at the CDSI)
  • Coach Training Seminars
  • Mentor Coach Site Visits
  • CDC Site Visits
  • Tournament Meetings
  • Group Meeting (same as tournament meetings but held at a school between tournaments)
  • On-Line Training

Coach Training Courses and Coach Training Seminars offer CPDUs through CPS University.

The Professional Development Reporting Notebook tracks PD hours for each coach, itemized PD venue.

Allstate offers Allstate Professional Development Incentives of $100 for coaches who undertake 10 hours of PD in the first semester, and another $100 for coaches who undertake 20 hours of PD during the year (5 and 10 hours, respectively, for external coaches).

Congratulations to the following coaches who have earned an Allstate Professional Development Incentive so far this season:

Elyse Conklin (Whitney Young)
Sharon Green-Powell (Julian)
Lamont Holifield (CICS — Ellison)
Imrose Kauser (Schurz)
Stephanie Mitchell (North Lawndale)
Jesse Nash (Hubbard)
Prentiss Ragland (Harper)
Shariba Rivers (U. of C. Woodlawn)
Sandra Taylor (Hope)
Robert Wysocki (VOISE)

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