Announcements About the 2011 Locke Lord "A" Conference Varsity Season Opener

Four important announcements about the Locke Lord Varsity Season Opener coming up this Saturday, October 1st.


The event will run strictly on time, so please plan to arrive at Locke Lord (111 S. Wacker Dr.) — by 8am for breakfast and registration.

Please avoid dropping any teams, if at all possible, too — we’re reserving space, meals, and volunteer Locke Lord judges based on current registration, and at this special sponsored event you should do your level best to be sure all Varsity debaters registered follow-through and attend.


The dress code for this event should be business — coat and tie for young men, dress or pants suit for young women.

Sponsors appreciate when our students look their best, and in my experience our students feel a little more confident in the fancy surroundings if they are wearing dressier clothes.


Parking passes will be issued by Locke Lord on site, at the tournament, so please park (if you’re driving) in the lot on 111 S. Wacker Dr. — entrance on Monroe, just east of Wacker, on the south side of the street. Use Google Maps if you need a good street map.


Meals and awards will be especially nice — the event will feature a very large number of Locke Lord attorney volunteers, with an “urban debate and the legal profession” theme — there will be two judges per round, one Locke Lord judge and one CDL judge — so the total number of ballots after four rounds will be 8, with the top record being 8-0, second best 7-1, and so on.

We are looking forward to a very special opening to the 2011/12 season for the “A” Conference Varsity!

Let us know if you need anything from us to take full advantage of it.

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