Conference "A" JV Tournament One Moved to Chicago Ag

Conference “A” Coaches:

Von Steuben’s administration has just informed us that they will now be unable to host this weekend – this last-minute change was not anticipated and was one we had to respond to quickly.

Please note that Tournament One on Saturday, October 1st for Conference “A” JV is now at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
3857 W. 111th St.
Chicago, IL

We understand coaches will have to adjust their travel and bus plans accordingly, with some inconvenience involved, and thank you for making these adjustments in order to get your JV students to our new site.

The Conference “A” JV Schedule remains the same.

We thank Principal Hook, Chris Harris and Chicago Ag for stepping up once again to host our opening tournament in JV.

We look forward to a terrific learning opportunity for your newest debaters in a great setting to start the 2011-2012 CDL season.

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