T1 Tournament Reporting Notebook

The 2011/12 CDL Tournament Reporting Notebook following Tournament One has three sheets.

The first sheet — Participation Standard — reports on attainment of the UDL Participation Standard — 8 debaters per school per tournament, 4 debaters per school per tournament for first-year schools.

The second sheet — Participation Numbers — ranks schools based on tournament participation throughout the season. The “tournament debaters” numbers includes Tournament One, along with additional CDL events (CDSI, this weekend’s Allstate Invitational), and non-CDL events (National Circuit tournaments).

The third sheet — Participation Changes (S, for Schools) — ranks schools based on the change in schools’ tournament participation when comparing this year’s tournament participation to last year’s.

The 2011/12 CDL Tournament Reporting Notebook reports these top 15 schools after Tournament One.

Top 15 Schools in Tournament Participation

1. Lane Tech (RCC)
2. Thomas Kelly (LCC)
3. King (LCC)
4. Whitney Young (RCC)
5. Hyde Park (LCC)
6. Northside (RCCC)
7. Brooks (LCC)
7. Phoenix (LCC)
9. Chicago Ag (“A”)
10. Lincoln Park (RCC)
11. Perspectives (“AA”)
12. Alcott (LCC)
12. Harlan (“A”)
12. Von Steuben (“A”)
15. Mather (“A”)
15. Payton (RCC)
15. Taft (LCC)
15. Westinghouse (“AA”)
15. Williams (“AA”)

Top 15 Schools in Participation Change

1. Hyde Park (LCC)
2. Marine (“AA”)
3. King (LCC)
3. VOISE (“AA”)
5. Thomas Kelly (LCC)
6. Kelvyn Park (LCC)
6. Mather (“A”)
8. Von Steuben (“A”)
9. Power House (“AA”)
10. Phoenix (LCC)
11. Amundsen (“AA”)
11. Champaign Central (“A”)
13. Lane Tech (RCC)
13. Whitney Young (RCC)
15. Westinghouse (“AA”)

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