The 2011/12 CMSDL Tournament Reporting Notebook

The 2011/12 CMSDL Tournament Reporting Notebook following Tournament One has three sheets.

The first sheet — Participation Standard — reports on attainment of the UDL Participation Standard — 8 debaters per school per tournament, 4 debaters per school per tournament for first-year schools. This is the single most important metric used by the CMSDL. Tournament participation is inherently educational, so when debate programs have at least eight debaters competing at each tournament, they are performing successfully at a basic, fundamental level.

The second sheet — Participation Numbers — reports tournament participation by each tournament, and cumulatively, throughout the season. This sheet lists schools by their “rank” in tournament participation for the season.

The third sheet — Participation Changes (S, for Schools) — reports each school’s participation change, comparing this year’s tournament participation levels to last year’s. This sheet also ranks schools based on this participation change. Of course, if a school did not participate in the CMSDL last year there can be no calculation on this sheet, and the “% Change” column is left blank.

The 2011/12 CMSDL Tournament Reporting Notebook reports these top 10 schools after Tournament One in tournament participation.

1. Alcott (“A”)
1. Zapata (“A”)
3. Kershaw (“AA”)
4. Ariel (“AA”)
5. Sacred Heart (“AA”)
6. Ogden (“A”)
7. Frazier (“AA”)
8. Alain Locke (“AA”)
9. Spencer (“AA”)
10. King Lab (“A”)

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