2011/12 Professional Development Reporting Notebook Update

The 2011/12 Professional Development Reporting Notebook tracks all CDL professional development for the year.

For details about how PD works in the CDL, please review the 2011/12 CDL Professional Development System.

Congratulations to three new winners of an Allstate Professional Development Incentive: Stephanie Mitchell (North Lawndale College Prep), Lavie Raven (North Lawndale College Prep), and Tajhma Story (Harlan).

Regular coaches receive this incentive when attaining 10 hours of PD in the first semester (5 hours for external coaches), and 20 hours of PD for the season (10 hours for external coaches. Here is the full list of winners of this $100 incentive so far this year:

Mikie Acevedo, Kelvyn Park H.S.
Sharon Banks, Harlan H.S.
Veronica Castenada, Kelvyn Park H.S.
Elyse Conklin, Whitney Young Magnet H.S.
Daviea Freeman, Austin H.S.
Mojisola Gray, Bowen H.S.
Sharon Green-Powell, Julian H.S.
Lamont Holifield, CICS Ellison
Paul Johnson, Westinghouse College Prep
Imrose Kauser, Schurz H.S.
Ben Krier, Von Steuben H.S.
Stephanie Mitchell, North Lawndale College Prep
Dr. Jesse Nash, Hubbard H.S.
Prentiss Ragland, Harper H.S.
Lavie Raven, North Lawndale College Prep
Shariba Rivers, U. of Chicago Woodlawn Charter H.S.
Sandra Taylor, Hope College Prep

A number of checks are going out soon, in case you have not yet received yours.

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