Coach Training Seminar This Saturday, 10/29

We have a Coach Training Seminar this Saturday, October 29th, from 9am – 12pm, at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, 25 E. Pearson St., Room 1202.

CPDUs and CDL professional development credit will be provided.

Please register by sending an email to, by Friday, October 28th.

This Coach Training Seminar is open to coaches from any Conference and at all experience levels, but will focus on these three CDL Debater Development Benchmarks: 15 (Refutation Skills), 14 (Advanced Affirmative Strategy), and 19 (Organizing the Use of Evidence).

After taking any post-T1 questions that come up, we will do a close analysis of prepared, full-round flow sheets on a disadvantage, a critique, two versions of case attacks, and if we have time a topicality violation. We will discuss how these flows, and the briefs from which they come, help us better understand the benchmarks, and we will discuss how you can use a similar Flow Preparation Exercise to help your students reach these benchmarks.

Parking is $10 at selected lots near the Loyola Law School, when validated in the lobby of 25 E. Pearson St.

Note that there will be no Coach Training Seminar this Friday, October 28th, as had been listed on some earlier versions of the CDL Season Calendar.

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