Coach Training Seminar — Thursday, 11/10, 1pm – 3pm

We have a Coach Training Seminar on the Season Calendar for Thursday, November 10th. It will run from 1pm – 3pm and will take place at the CDC offices, 332 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 500. Note the times and location.

This Seminar will be review and targeted support for new and relatively new coaches. We will be review the Year One Debater Development Benchmarks, helping newer coaches understand what it is their debaters need to be focused on learning during their first year in the CDL, and identify practice and training methods supportive of the benchmarks. We’ll also answer questions and discuss program-building issues that have arisen in the first stage of the season.

This Coach Training Seminar provides CDL professional development credit and CPDUs. We hope that some schools will allow their interested teachers to take tomorrow afternoon’s PD sessions with us, away from their building. (Let us know if we can be helpful in communicating with your administration in this regard.)

Register at any time by email —

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