Allstate "Expanding Opportunities" Initiative, Moving Toward T3

The 2011/12 Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Initiative targets additional CDC technical assistance, and substantial coach incentives, to the 34 high schools in the Chicago Debate League that have student populations that are 90% or higher from low-income families (Title I students).

On the incentive side, the Chicago Debate Commission will be providing coach incentives to the “Expanding Opportunities” schools (check the link to see if your school is on this roster) that are in the top 10 in tournament participation after Tournament Three. After T3, the top 5 schools in tournament participation will receive $750 in coach incentives, 6th – 10th in tournament participation will receive $500 in coach incentives.

The Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Reporting Notebook has the current ranking of these 34 schools in tournament participation, after Tournament Two.

We have another tournament at which your school can affect these placements, but if we were to give these incentives out today, here’s how it would come out:

1st – 5th in Tournament Participation
1. Thomas Kelly (LCC)
2. Hyde Park (LCC)
3. Phoenix (LCC)
4. Hubbard (“A”)
5. Harlan (“A”)
5. Williams (“AA”)

6th – 10th in Tournament Participation
7. Amundsen (“AA”)
8. Mather (“A”)
8. Urban Prep Englewood (LCC)
10. Michele Clark (“A”)
10. VOISE (“AA”)

Allstate is committed to providing additional support and coaching resources to the 62% of schools in the CDL in which 9 out of 10 students attending are poor, to help ensure that these students have the maximal affordable exposure to academic debate and its “leveling” benefits.

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