DePaul Mid-Season Classic (Conference "A" and "AA") Registration Open

Conference “A” and “AA” Coaches,

We’re excited to announce that registration is now open for T3, the DePaul Mid-Season Classic to be held at DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus on Friday, December 2nd and Saturday, December 3rd.

Registration forms can be found on the Tournament Documents page:

A few additional notes:

  • First, a reminder that this is a full two-day tournament. We’ve sent notice to your Principals that, as part of each CDL school agreeing to receive a budget through its Letter of Intent, schools are to provide sub coverage for two days – the Friday of the De-Paul Mid-Season Classic (December 2nd) and the Friday of the Chicago Debate Championship (March 23rd, 2012). This may require some communication with your administration and some planning – please arrange in advance to be present at DePaul on Friday, December 2nd, and let us know what we can do to help you communicate this expectation if there are any problems.
  • Second, we’ve worked to ensure that we preserve the tradition of the Mid-Season Classic as is: to give all “A” and “AA” debaters the opportunity to experience a tournament at DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus and to enable the two Conferences to debate together at T3.
  • Third, as the CDL has grown due to your hard work and interest in student development, the DePaul campus has not. You’ll find one change to this year’s schedule as a result, in order to allow more students the chance to compete. We’ll have 7 preliminary rounds scheduled, which will work in this way: we will plan on having 5 preliminary debates and 2 byes per JV team and 6 preliminary debates and 1 bye per Varsity team.

    There will be three options for students during their bye: (1) watching and flowing a round with their coach, (2) preparing for their next debate in the Schmitt Academic Center (SAC) pit/lobby, or (3) in a debate-related program offered by the DePaul University Debate Team. We’ll ask some coaches and volunteers to serve as building monitors who will guide students to one of these three options – no students will be roaming the campus without purpose.

  • Fourth, we will break to Quarter-Finals rather than Octo-Finals in order to accommodate having more preliminary debate opportunities. This will be a tough break, to be sure, but having more students participate and learn from debating opponents from other schools was a primary goal, although this does mean that we start our competitive, combined-conference elimination rounds with Quarters.

    Seeds 9 – 16 that would have been in Octo-Finals will receive awards, team medal points for the Medal Count, and qualify for the Chicago Debate Championship Eligibility Roster.

  • Finally, we will combine the runnable caselist for T3 – previews and plan text changes accepted for Tournaments One and Two will now be runnable at the DePaul Mid-Season Classic and at future “A” or “AA” tournaments. Teams that wish to submit a preview or plan text change in time for the DePaul Mid-Season Classic have until the end of tomorrow and should visit the Tournament Documents page. The Runnable Caselist for T3, which will be updated again after the previewing deadline on 11/18, is also available there.

Please let us know by backchannel if you have any questions or have any issues.

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