Tournament Reporting Notebook After Tournament Three

The current Tournament Reporting Notebook (TRN) documents the continued expansion in the scope and size of the Chicago Debate League this season, despite adding only a single high school (we had 54 high schools in the CDL last year, we have 55 this year). Tournament Three — professionally hosted by Scott Dodsworth and Jen Nolan and Thomas Kelly H.S. for the LCC and RCC, and for the “AA” and “A” hosted as a generous contribution to its community by DePaul University — was 22% larger than T3 last year, and overall for the year the high school CDL has encompassed 15% more tournament debating than last season (20% more relative to the Allstate baseline, which is 5% smaller because the timing of Allstate’s sponsorship has been on a calendar year, not a school year, basis, and it had therefore had an expansive effect already built in to the baseline — a bit of inside baseball for you, if you’re interested). This data is summarized at the bottom of the second sheet, “Participation Numbers.”

Examine the three sheets in the current Tournament Reporting Notebook. Here are a few highlights.


On the most important metric in the CDL, attainment of the Urban Debate Participation Standard (8 debaters per school per tournament, 4 for first-years schools), schools are reaching or exceeding the standard at a 79% rate. Last season our schools attained this challenging standard 63% of the time, and our percentage had hovered around that figure for a few years.

We have seen a significantly increased level of student engagement and participation in the CDL so far this season that is magnified because it is so broad-based; it involves many debate programs across the city that are building or strengthening in a way that is affecting many more students, more intensively.

If your school has attained the Participation Standard at all three tournaments this year, you’re having a very successful year so far. If you’ve missed the Standard at one tournament, you can end the season hitting it 5 out of 6 tournaments, which indicates that by our most important metric you’ll had a solidly successful year.


On the second sheet of the TRN, here are the top 15 schools in tournament participant numbers after T3.

1. Lane Tech (RCC)
2. Whitney Young (RCC)
3. King (LCC)
4. Northside (RCC)
4. Phoenix (LCC)
6. Thomas Kelly (LCC)
7. Lincoln Park (RCC)
8. Hyde Park (LCC)
9. Brooks (LCC)
10. Chicago Ag (“A”)
11. Hubbard (“A”)
12. Von Steuben (“A”)
13. Alcott (LCC)
13. Amundsen (“AA”)
15. Williams (“AA”)

Congratulations to these leading (top 25%, approximately) schools, after T3.


On the third sheet of the TRN, here are the top 15 schools in tournament participant change (increase over last season) after T3.

1. VOISE (“AA”)
2. Williams (“AA”)
3. Harlan (“A”)
4. King (LCC)
5. Von Steuben (“A”)
6. Ellison (“AA”)
7. Power House (“AA”)
8. Hyde Park (LCC)
9. Kenwood (“A”)
9. North Lawndale (“AA”)
11. Champaign Central (“A”)
12. Hubbard (“A”)
13. Kelvyn Park (LCC)
14. Amundsen (“AA”)
15. Juarez (“AA”)

Congratulations to these leading (top 30%, approximately) schools, after T3.

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