2011/12 Allstate Expanding Opportunities Incentives After T3

The 2011/12 Allstate Expanding Opportunities Initiative awards incentives to the top ten high-poverty schools (90%+ Title I student population) in debater participation after T3. Allstate and the CDC are committed to these incentives targeting the lowest-income schools because we know that it is with students who face the greatest challenges and disadvantages in their family, educational, and neighborhood background and context that academic debate can make the greatest difference. We also know that teaching and coaching in these schools presents a more difficult pathway to success than teaching and coaching in schools with students from more affluent, better educated, professional families and contexts.

The 2011/12 Allstate Expanding Opportunities Reporting Notebook reports on the levels of student engagement and participation in academic debate so far this year among the 34 schools in the CDL that are part of this Initiative (62% of the League).

Our incentive earners after T3 are:

Top Five Schools ($750 per school)

1. Phoenix (LCC)
2. Thomas Kelly (LCC)
3. Hyde Park (LCC)
4. Hubbard (“A”)
5. Amundsen (“AA”)

Sixth Through Tenth Schools ($500 per school)

6. Williams (“AA”)
7. Ellison (“AA”)
7. Harlan (“A”)
9. Michele Clark (“AA”)
10. Mather (“A”) ($250)
10. Power House (“AA”) ($250)

For the second half of the season, the Allstate Expanding Opportunities Initiative will award incentives to the top five eligible schools in overall participation and to the top five schools in increased participation (T4 – T6 totals relative to T1 – T3 totals). All 34 Expanding Opportunities schools should feel very much in the running for these incentives, to be awarded at the 2012 Chicago Debate Championship. Mid-season student recruitment and retention efforts will be the keys here.

Let us know how we can help your support your efforts.

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