Updated Professional Development Reporting Notebook

You can review your professional development record in the CDL so far this year in the CDL Professional Development Reporting Notebook.

We will be announcing new professional development opportunities soon — all part of our on-going CDL Professional Development System. While it’s true that there are more offerings earlier in the year rather than later, there will still be ample PD offerings throughout the second half of the season. We view professional development as having long-term — not exclusively short-term — value to our coaches. Debate education and coaching is something to build your competency in and mastery of over time, incrementally.  The development you undertake in the second half of this year is an investment in yourself as an educator that should have career-long value.

Also, note that mentor coach visits and CDC site visits — since they each are required to have an agenda and a designed content coverage plan — count toward the PD standard of 20 hours for regular coaches for the year (10 hours for external coaches). And we will be posting new videos on this site for on-line professional development in the near future.

As you know, Allstate is providing Professional Development Incentives of $100 to coaches who attain the first-semester standard of 10 hours (deadline here is January 12th), and another $100 to coaches who attain the season-long standard of 20 hours.

The Coach Incentives Payment Tracking Form documents who has received how much of a portion of the nearly $28,000 so far this year that the CDC has disbursed in coach incentives, most of which is underwritten by the CDL’s premier sponsor, Allstate Insurance.

A reminder to always download the documents that we link on this site — it makes it much easier to read and use them.

And as always, let us know if you have any questions about any of this.

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