Second Semester Coaching Incentives

Here are the CDL coaching incentives currently available for the earning in the second semester of the 2011/12 CDL season, offered by the Chicago Debate Commission.

(i) Allstate Incentives for Increasing Debate Participation

As the overview that we’ve distributed lays out, schools will receive $100 for every 12 more tournament debaters they have this season (overall, T1 – T6) than they had last season. We’ll begin disbursing these after T4, if any school has 12 more debaters this year (T1 – T4) than they did all of last year (T1 – T6). First-year schools this year are eligible to earn these incentives; their “baseline” is the minimum CDL Participation Standard (24 tournament debaters, 4 per tournament at 6 tournaments). So, for example, first-year school Julian H.S. has 26 tournament debaters going into T4. As soon as they reach 36 tournament debaters, they win a $100 incentive; 48 tournament debaters another $100, etc.

(ii) Allstate Incentives for Debate Participation Performance

As the overview also describes, at T6 (the 2012 Chicago Debate Championship) the top 10 schools in participation overall for the season (T1 – T6) will receive a $350 incentive, while schools 11 – 20 in participation overall will receive $150.

(iii) Allstate Expanding Opportunities Incentives

The first half of the Allstate Expanding Opportunities Incentives were disbursed after T3. For the second half of the season, we will award $500 to the top 5 schools in participation overall for the season (T1 – T6), while schools 6 – 10 in participation overall will receive $250. Additionally, the top 5 schools in participation growth during the second half of the season (T4 – T6 this season compared to T1 – T3 this season) will receive a $500 incentive.

The Allstate Expanding Opportunities Initiative allocates additional coaching support and incentives to schools with a student population that is 90% or more Title I. You can look at the list of the 35 schools that are part of this initiative, and track positioning for incentives, on the Allstate Expanding Opportunities Reporting Notebook.

(iv) Allstate Professional Development Incentives

Regular coaches that attain the season-long professional development standard of 20 hours of PD in academic debate will receive the $100 Allstate Professional Development Incentive. The season-long standard is 10 hours for external coaches, who also will receive the incentive upon attainment.

(v) Allstate Chicago Debate Championship Elimination Round Awards

Allstate will again in 2012 be providing Chicago Debate Championship Elimination Round Awards as they did last season, and since 2009.

They will be disbursed to schools as follows:

Junior Varsity
$100 — Octos
$200 — Quarters
$300 — Semi’s
$400 — Final Round
$500 — Champion

$150 — Octos
$300 — Quarters
$450 — Semi’s
$600 — Final Round
$750 — Champion

And like last season, the CDL requires that the winning schools’ principals tell us in writing how the awards should be disbursed — in the form of a coach stipend (a perfectly valid disbursement of course), debate materials/supplies, a university debate institute scholarship, or anything else debate-related.

Thank you, Allstate! And thank you, Chicago Debate Commission.

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