2012 Chicago Debate Championship Case Previewing

As is laid out in section 6.3 of the Chicago Debate League Guidelines and Policies, the Chicago Debate Championship has its own system of affirmative case previewing.

The Runnable Case Lists developed in the “AA” and “A” Conferences are entirely dispensed with and we start from scratch, with only the four affirmative cases in the CDL Core Files presumptively and automatically runnable.

Beyond these, each school can preview one affirmative case per Division, using the Chicago Debate Championship Affirmative Case Previewing Form.

Previews can only be submitted by email, to David (davidsong@resources.chicagodebates.org). The hard deadline — we will accept no submissions after it, period — is Tuesday, March 6th, 3:30pm. All previews will get a return email acknowledgement. Previews must be complete — exact plan text, summary of harms and solvency (i.e., advantages) with enough detail to be clear to anyone unfamiliar with the arguments. 1AC citations are not required.

These previews will be assembled into a 2012 Chicago Debate Championship Runnable Case List, which will be posted by the end of next week, and as early as possible.

Let us know if you have any questions — now, not after the deadline, when they will be moot. Thanks.

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