The 2011/12 CDL Season Awards

We are taking nominations for awards that we give each year at the Chicago Debate Championship, for season-long, League-wide distinction. Winners are added to Chicago Debate League history, currently archived on the CDL website’s Pages of Fame.

Please submit your nominations for any of the 2011/12 CDL Season Awards by email — — no later than the end of the day Thursday, March 15th.

Nominations should be as short as a single paragraph, and no longer than three paragraphs, and must include (a) the nominator’s name, (b) the name and school affiliation of the nominee, and (c) the award for which they are being nominated.

Anyone — coach, judge, parent, alumnus, administrator — can nominate, and can submit as many nominations as they wish. Please take a little time and nominate someone for one of these honors.

2011/12 CDL Season Awards

Adjudicator of the Year
The Adjudicator of the Year award recognizes the judge who has made the most helpful and instructive contributions to student development through their judging.

Alumnus of the Year
The Alumnus of the Year Award recognizes a former CDL debater who has gone on to become a positive example of academic and professional success by using the skills learned in debate.

Voltaire Sterling Debater of the Year
The Voltaire Sterling Debater of the Year Award recognizes a student debater who has demonstrated competitive excellence, preparation, dedication to improvement, and ability to lead his/her school to new levels of achievement.

Richard M. Daley Leadership Award
The Richard M. Daley Leadership Award recognizes a student debater who has set an example for his/her entire team through competitive enthusiasm, support for younger debaters, and sportsmanship.

Principal of the Year
The Principal of the Year Awards recognizes the administrator who has provided the most support and leadership for the success and growth of competitive academic debate within a school in the Chicago Debate League.

Seymour Simon Award
The Seymour Simon Award recognizes the person who made the most significant positive impact on the Chicago Debate League this year. The award is named in honor of the founding Chair of the Chicago Debate Commission, the late Justice Seymour Simon.

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  1. Phylli Ford-France
    Phylli Ford-France says:

    I would like to nominate my principal Ms. Beulah McLoyd for always supporting the Debate League and Debate team. She has always honored any request they we have made. She was a former Debate Coach and understands the sometimes strenuous undertaking. She is a remarkable person!

    Phyllis Ford-France


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