Enrolling Schools into the National Forensic League

The National Forensic League was established in 1925, and is considered the nation’s overall K-12 speech and debate administrative organization.  The NFL is currently engaged in an initiative to increase its membership among urban public schools. In accordance, they have made an offer to the CDL and CMSDL administration that we have accepted.

The NFL will enroll all schools in the CDL and the CMSDL for no charge — no charge now or in future years — and they will do all of the administrative paperwork entering students’ points toward “honor society” certificates and seals, which are given for participation in speech and debate events. The CDL administration will provide the NFL with names (only) of coaches and debaters at each CDL and CMSDL school, and results sheets from each tournament. So membership in the NFL will not cost CDL and CMSDL schools anything, in money or time.

This arrangement will not begin until March 22nd, however, in order to give all schools a two-week period in which you can “opt out” by simply sending us an email, no explanation necessary.

The benefits to membership in the National Forensic League are:

  • Credential of having an NFL-certified debate program established at your school — certification that you, your students, and your administration can use in your advocacy for your program
  • Certificates and seals sent to you and your students, as part of the NFL’s “honor society”
  • Monthly issue of The Rostrum, the NFL’s publication
  • Eligibility to debate at the National Forensic League district and national tournaments

It’s worth underlining: whatever value you find in the above benefits, you are not being asked for anything nor to do anything nor make any changes in your debate program. But with a one-line email you can opt out.

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