Important Reminders for Next Weekend's Chicago Debate Championship

First, to answer logistical questions about what the address is for your buses to Northwestern and parking:

  • The updated T6 schedule on our Tournament Documents page has both a link to a campus map and the location for drop-off on Friday morning (Tech Institute, 2145 Sheridan Rd., Evanston). Teams will also pick up their debaters for the Saturday departure following Awards at this location.
  • On Saturday morning, teams will want to drop off for the North campus at the same address (2145 Sheridan Rd., Evanston) and for the South campus near Fisk Hall (1845 Sheridan Rd. Evanston). These are also the locations for pickup on Friday night.
  • Parking on the Northwestern campus: Friday, parking near campus should be available since the school is on spring break.  Remember to carefully check all posted signs on the block you park on since many residential areas near campus have 2 hour parking limits or require a permit.  For South campus you can find parking along Sheridan, Clark , Hinman and Judson.  For North campus try side streets between Sheridan and Orrington (Library, Garrett, Haven, Noyes, Dartmouth and Colfax).  On Saturday, you can park in any legal space in an on campus lot.  Consult this campus parking map for the lot closest to the North (Tech Institute) and South Campus (The Rock, Fisk Hall).  Please head all posted signage regarding parking restrictions.

Second, a reminder, especially to new coaches and new schools that each school agrees, as a condition of joining the Chicago Debate League in our CDL Terms for Membership Letter sent to each Principal, to provide sub coverage (covered by the school) for its employees to attend the Chicago Debate Championship on Friday, March 23rd. Each teacher or school employee should plan to arrange this in advance with their school and let us know if there are any problems now, while we can still help to communicate this expectation to your administration. We compete all day on Friday starting in the morning and coaches are expected to attend as one of the six required tournaments of the CDL season

Finally, please encourage alums home for break or college students to judge. We could use our most experienced judges for our most important tournament of the year. They can contact David by e-mail.

We’ll have more about judging at the Chicago Debate Championship in a separate post to come shortly.

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