2012 Mayer Brown Urban Debate Nationals Qualifier Report

2012 Mayer Brown Urban Debate Nationals Qualifier Pods

The top team from the Mayer pod was Lane Tech College Prep. The top team from the Brown pod was Whitney Young Magnet H.S.

Lane Tech and Whitney Young will represent Chicago at the 2012 NAUDL National Championship April 12 – 15, in Washington, D.C. Chicago will be competing to try to re-capture the national title in urban debate, and to win its fourth NAUDL national championship in five years.

The full results packet is now available.

The top five teams at the event were:

1. Whitney Young Magnet H.S. (Hanna Nasser and Sydney Doe)

2. Lane Tech College Prep (Joseph Peculis and Owen Jones)

3. Northside College Prep (Adira Levine and Norman Luu)

4. King College Prep (Hakeem Muhammad and LaDonna Miller)

5. Lincoln Park H.S. (Kate Galvan and Pauline Day)

The top ten speakers at the event were:

1. Owen Jones, Lane Tech

2. Adira Levine, Northside

3. Sydney Doe, Whitney Young

4. Hanna Nasser, Whitney Young

5. Norman Luu, Northside

6. LaDonna Miller, King

7. Hakeem Muhammad, King

8. Joseph Peculis, Lane Tech

9. Isaac Brown, U. of Chicago Woodlawn

10. Pauline Day, Lincoln Park

The ten teams competing at the 2012 Mayer Brown Nationals Qualifier were:

Alcott High School for the Humanities
Christine Vi and Elizabeth Best
Judge: Christine Horst

Juarez Community Academy High School
Carlos Hernandez and Shabaka Verna
Judge: Edward Ferguson

Martin Luther King, Jr. College Prep
Hakeem Muhammad and LaDonna Miller
Judge: Emma LaBounty

Lane Tech College Prep
Joseph Peculis and Owen Jones
Judge: John Connor

Lincoln Park High School
Kate Galvan and Pauline Day
Judge: Monish Thawani

Northside College Prep
Adira Levine and Norman Luu
Judge: Kevin Steele

Westinghouse College Prep
Andrew Singleton and Elliot Lugo
Judge: Avery Dale

Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine
Marissa Bacon and Mercedes Hall
Judge: Sarah Bury

University of Chicago Woodlawn Charter High School
Isaac Brown and Vernon Fleming
Judge: Vince Bauer

Whitney Young Magnet High School
Hanna Nasser and Sydney Doe
Judge: Wes Fowler

We thank Mayer Brown for its continued support, and especially CDC Board member Mary Richardson-Lowry for helping to make this event possible.

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