SY2012 Additional Compensation and Incentive Tracking Form

The SY2012 Additional Compensation and Incentive Tracking Form reports on all CDC incentives and additional compensation earned by coaches and schools throughout the season. You should download this document and scan carefully the rows that pertain to your school.

Note that we have begun distinguishing between additional compensation that the CDC sends to schools (usually in the form of a check to coaches) for participating in what the CDL calls “additional CDL events,” and coach incentives for outstanding and/or improved performance.

(A) Additional Compensation

CDC compensation was provided this year to schools that participated in the following additional CDL events:

2011 Locke Lord “A” Varsity CDL Season Opener
2011 Allstate Varsity Debate Invitational
2011 Performance Trust Public Debates
2012 McDermott Will and Emery JV Debate Invitational
2012 Mayer Brown Urban Debate Nationals Qualifier

And compensation will also be provided to schools that participate in:

2012 Chicago Charter School Debate Invitational (April 21)
2012 CDL Speech Performance Competition (May 19)

The CDC has disbursed more than $30,000 in additional compensation to coaches and schools, and will end the school year having disbursed more than $35,000. 34 of our 53 high schools received additional compensation from the CDC to participate in additional CDL events this season, and that number will likely rise by a few for these final two additional events.

(B) Coach Incentives

We have explained on a couple of occasions the system of coach incentives offered by the CDC, with the financial support of its premier sponsor, Allstate — most recently in announcing the winners of our slate of incentives at the end of the regular season.

We also have maintained this system consistently over the past two years, in the hopes that coaches will become increasingly familiar with how they can earn additional incentive payments within it.

One thing that we haven’t tried yet are Twitter-like mini-explanations. The brevity may appeal.

(i) Allstate Professional Development Incentives — $100 for 10 hours of CDC PD, another $100 for 20 hours of CDC PD

(ii) Allstate Increasing Participation Incentive — Comparing SY2012 tournament participation numbers to SY2011 numbers, $100 for every 6 debaters more this year than last year after T3 (i.e., the first semester), and $100 for every 12 debaters more this year than last year after T6 (i.e., the full season)

(iii) Allstate Participation Performance Incentives — $350 per school for ending the season (i.e., post-T6) in the top ten in total participation, $150 per school for ending the season 11th – 20th in total participation

(iv) Allstate Expanding Opportunities Incentives — Only Allstate Expanding Opportunities Initiative schools are eligible for these incentives — 1st Semester (post-T3): $750 for the top five schools in participation, $500 for schools 6th – 10th in participation; 2nd Semester (post-T6): $500 for the top five schools in participation, $250 for schools 6th – 10th, and $500 for the top five schools in second semester improvement in participation (T4+T5+T6/T1+T2+T3)

(v) Allstate CPS Chicago Debate Championship Elimination Round Awards — Financial awards, in graduated amounts, for advancing to (and in) the elimination awards at T6, disbursed only after we receive an email or letter from the winning school’s principal directing us to whom the award should be given

(vi) Golden Gavel Award — $100 to each of eight finalists, $100 additional (plus, this year, a free Kindle Fire) to the Golden Gavel Award winner

This year the CDC has disbursed $40,000 in coach incentives to fully 44 of our 53 high schools. Veteran coaches already know: CDL coach stipends (for district schools) haven’t increased in many years; coach incentives are the CDC’s effort to add some additional financial reward to coaches (from all schools) who make the extraordinary effort required to attain (or maintain) high performance in this project.

The combination of compensation and incentives disbursed this season is about to exceed $75,000, which is an average of $1,320 per school. 17 high schools earned more than $2,000 from the CDC this year in compensation and incentives, several earning more than $4,000.

Congratulations to all coaches earning compensation and incentives. Many of the checks are in the process of being cut and mailed out, so you should wait until the end of next week to inquire with us on the whereabouts of checks you earned late in the season. But don’t hesitate to ask us questions on any or all of the above, starting with the SY2012 Additional Compensation and Incentive Tracking Form.

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