Reagan Foundation Great Communicator Debate Series 2012

The National Forensic League and National Association for Urban Debate Leagues are partnering with the Ronald Reagan Foundation to hold a public debate series this summer and fall, leading up to the 2012 presidential election.

From the Reagan Foundation: “The competition will consist of three distinct rounds. First, local debates will take place on high school campuses nationwide between June and September of 2012. School champions will advance to regional championships held in September and October of 2012. Regional championships will be held at university campuses including: University of Southern California, University of Notre Dame, University of Georgia, University of Texas, Boston College, and George Mason University. Regional champions will then be flown to the National Championship at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on October 27, 2012 and compete for $35,000 in scholarship awards.”

All CDL schools are invited to participate. Details on registration, topic, format, and event structure are available on the Ronald Reagan Foundation website.

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