CDL Coaches Council Looks Ahead to SY2013

The Chicago Debate League Coaches Council completed a successful year of quarterly meetings and interim communications providing input and guidance on the administration of the Chicago Debate League.

The CDL Coaches Council discussed and helped affect policy and implementation decisions on a wide variety of matters, including the season calendar, joint tournaments, the Chicago Debate Championship rules and schedule, tournament meals, coach stipend disbursements, incentives, the charter school invitational, principal communications, and the longer school day, among others.

Quarterly meeting notes are available for your review:

Q1 (9/8/11)

Q2 (11/8/11)

Q3 (2/29/12)

Q4 (6/6/12)

The Coaches Council is made up of two coach representatives from each of the four high school conferences. The Coaches Council representatives in SY2012 were:

Don Baumgartner (“AA”)
Robb Berry (RCC)
Scott Dodsworth (LCC)
Bob Edwards (LCC)
Kurt Hilgendorf (“A”)
Paul Johnson (“A”)
Valerie Mason (RCC)
Stephanie Mitchell (“AA”)

We are now conducting Coaches Council representative elections for SY2013. Each coach gets two votes for any two coaches in your conference (you can vote for yourself). Voting will end on July 3rd, 2012. Vote by sending an email with your two coach representative preferences to Vote for representatives who you think will represent your school’s interests in these important council meetings, providing the official forum for coach input in the management of the CDL.


Robb Berry (Northside)
Elyse Conklin (Whitney Young)
Avery Dale (Payton)
Andy Fine (Lane Tech)
Kamasi Hill (Evanston)
Curt Maslanka (Lane Tech)
Val Mason (Lane Tech)
Brandon Newton (Payton)
Jeff Scheur (Whitney Young)
Jonathan Schwartz (Whitney Young)
Monish Thawani (Lincoln Park)


Meg Baskin (U. of C. Woodlawn)
Vince Bauer (U. of C. Woodlawn)
Michael Casey (Morgan Park)
Bill Colson (Morgan Park)
Scott Dodsworth (Kelly)
Robert Edwards (Phoenix)
Adam Goodman (Jones)
Nicole Harraway (Westinghouse)
Dave Hayes (King)
Kurt Hilgendorf (Von Steuben)
Ben Krier (Von Steuben)
Emma LaBounty (King)
Nick Locke (Alcott)
Melina Luna (Alcott)
Jessica Mulder (Hyde Park)
Jen Nolan (Kelly)
Shariba Rivers (U. of C. Woodlawn)
Sam Sanchez (Phoenix)
Lynn Santoyo (Brooks)
Peter Van (Lindblom)
Juanita Wilson (Morgan Park)
Cathy Yackee (Brooks)


Mikie Acevedo (Kelvyn Park)
Sharon Banks (Harlan)
Don Baumgartner (Marshall)
Emmitt Bowles (Ellison)
Veronica Castaneda (Kelvyn Park)
John Colucci (Kenwood)
Jim Dorrell (Marshall)
Aida Flores (Juarez)
Phyllis Ford-France (Clark)
Sharon Green-Powell (Julian)
Adrienne Handelman (Williams)
Chris Harris (Chicago Ag)
Lamont Holifield (Ellison)
Jeannette Kanavos (Hubbard)
Imrose Kauser (Schurz)
Sarah Leong (Mather)
Jesse Nash (Hubbard)
Mandela Okere (Amundsen)
Alfredo Peralta (Juarez)
Robert Pincham (Harlan)
Lavie Raven (North Lawndale)
Andrew Robinson (Amundsen)
Kevin Rutter (Schurz)
Kathleen Ryan (Williams)
India Smith (Harlan)
Max Smith (Kenwood)
Liz Thompson (Mather)
Chris Van Haren (Clark)
Marie Wade (Kelvyn Park)


Robert Beemsterboer (Bogan)
Yvette Campos (Little Village)
Margo Clark (Chicago Bulls)
Jiton Davidson (PCS Tech)
Daviea Freeman (Austin)
Ken Goldberg (South Shore)
Moji Gray (Bowen)
Justin Henderson (PCS Joslin)
Aundrea Holland (Urban Prep West)
Dennis Kass (Little Village)
Christine Laadimi (Bogan)
April Mandusic (Power House)
Devon McBride (Phillips)
Aubrey Monks (Austin)
Prentiss Ragland (Harper)
Ebony Rose (Phillips)
Karen Sheehan (PCS Joslin)
Aly Stout (VOISE)
David Vaughn (South Shore)
Casey Weedon (Farragut)
Charles Williams (Rowe-Clark)
Leenice Williams (Harper)
Vicki Willis (Bogan)
Robert Wysocki (VOISE)

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