Announcing the 2012 CDL Pre-Season Student Workshops

The Chicago Debate League will hold the 2012 CDL Pre-Season Student Workshops on August 6th – 8th (Mon – Wed), from 9am – 3pm, at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, 25 E. Pearson St., Room 1403.

These workshops are intended for students at all levels of experience — from the student brand-new to debate, to the Varsity debater heading into their third or fourth season. There will be “lab groups” that are divided by experience level, the configuration of which pends registration.

These workshops will begin to get students ready for the 2012/13 Chicago Debate League season. They will provide skills-based instruction and exercises, based on the CDL Debater Development Benchmarks, which will be in use as a reference and a set of learning guidelines all season. And they will introduce debaters to the transportation infrastructure topic (“Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its transportation infrastructure investment in the United States.”) The staff, which is currently being assembled, will be top-notch, with the highest-quality refined blend of debate expertise and teaching proficiency. David will be running the workshops for the CDL and will be teaching there too.

The 2012 CDL Pre-Season Student Workshops are free to all CDL students. Each participant will receive lunch and a full-day CTA pass daily. And each participant will receive a full set of the SY2013 CDL Core Files.

Students register by submitting their completed Registration Form (be sure to download the form) to David by July 27th. But the earlier the better — there are a limited number of slots available.

There is a mandatory $15 registration fee, which has to be submitted along with the registration form (thus the form must be mailed or otherwise delivered to the CDC office). Coaches are welcome to send in identification information on the students they anticipate will register, but they will only be officially registered for the Workshops when their $15 registration fee is received. The fee is required to reduce attrition — to be sure that our official registration is a list of students who are highly likely to attend.

A reminder here that the CDL will hold two coach training courses in July:

Fundamentals of Coaching Competitive Academic Debate (July 23 – 26)

Coaching Debate at the Varsity Level (July 30 – August 2)

Both courses are being held at the Loyola Law School (25 E. Pearson St.), 9am – 3pm. Courses are free to CDL and CMSDL coaches and provide CPDUs and CDL Professional Development System credit. There is some space available in each course. Send Les an email to register.

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