CDL Monday Memo — vol. I, no. 2, July 16, 2012

Thanks for clicking on the second CDL Monday Memo. (BTW, the volume numbers will align with “quarters” — July – Sept, Oct – Dec, Jan – March, Apr – June — and will all be archived on the programming site in the category “CDL Monday Memo”.)

1. Extended Voting for the CDL Coaches Council

We will extend the voting for the CDL Coaches Council for one week — until the end of the day, Monday, July 23rd — in order to give more coaches a chance to vote for the two representatives that will represent their conference this school year. Each coach (not each school) gets to vote for any two coaches in your conference (there is a list of coaches by conference in the link below — you can vote for yourself). Vote by sending the CDC an email —

Further details on the SY2013 CDL Coaches Council on a dedicated CDL programming site post.

2. Recruiting Poster Distribution

This week the CDL will be distributing recruiting posters to schools. You should look for a tube of posters delivered to your school by the end of next week. These posters, we have been told by coaches (including on the SY2012 Coach Survey Results), can be an important part of a coaches effort to raise the visibility of a debate program within a school and therefore be part of an effective recruiting strategy.

You can always request additional posters from the CDC — just let us know what you need and we’ll ship them out to you.

3. Reminder: 2012 Pre-Season Student Workshops and 2012 Coach Training Courses

Check the details and register your students; check the details and register yourself.

High-quality student and teacher training being provided this summer by the CDC.

And just a reminder, too, that the CDL Monday Memo is the new weekly collection of important announcements, links, documents, and reminders from the CDL administration. To be published each week of the year on the programming site, the Monday Memo will not entirely replace email and programming website posts during the week, but it will reduce their number and will enable coaches to focus on key communications, helping them do their extremely valuable jobs better and more efficiently. Coaches should feel fully responsible for reading, absorbing, and responding to the contents of the Monday Memo — and of course raise with us any questions that it elicits.

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