CDL Monday Memo — vol. I, no. 3 — July 23, 2012

(1) SY2013 Tournament Host Sites

Over the next few weeks we’ll be working with schools to finalize our host sites for the SY2013 CDL Tournament Calendar and CMSDL Tournament Calendar. Please check both to see if your school is slated to host at debate tournament in 2012/13 and contact David with confirmation from your administration as soon as you can.

(2) Debate Textbooks and Coaching Manuals

New and relatively new coaches in the Fundamentals of Competitive Academic Debate Coaching have asked for reference to quality debate textbooks and coaching manuals. The CDL programming site has a carefully curated set of helpful texts and manuals on the CDL Coaching Resources page.

We’d also recommend Rich Edwards’ Competitive Debate: The Official Guide (ALPHA, 2008), which is lucidly written and earns its title.

(3) Core Files Update

The SY2013 Core Files are nearing completion but aren’t there quite yet. We project that they will be posted, ready for download and printing, by the end of next week. You can be sure that we will post with complete information, including our SY2013 printing vendor, as soon as they up and out.

There are four affirmative cases in the SY2013 Core Files, the same as appear in the SY2013 Core Files “preview”, namely: Light Rail, Port Security, Public Service Employment, and NAFTA.

There are four disadvantages: Economy (e.g., spending), Elections, Military Trade-Off, and Federalism.

There’s one counterplan: States.

And a topicality violation runnable against each case: “its” against Light Rail, “transportation infrastructure” against Port Security, “investment” against Public Service Employment, and “in the U.S.” against NAFTA.

The Kritik is still under construction.

For those who want a jump on the Core Files, one place to find it would be the National Debate Coaches Association Open Evidence Project, which has posted thousands of pages of summer university debate institute evidence on the transportation infrastructure topic, available for free download.

(4) 2012 CDL Pre-Season Student Workshops

These are starting to fill up, though there’s still this week to get your students registered. Information on the dedicated programming site page.

Stay cool!

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