SY2013 Coach Stipend Allocation System

CDL charter schools and guest schools each have their own debate funding processes — they pay their own coach stipends and transportation and debate materials costs.

CDL district schools (“AA,” “A,” and LCC) have had their $500 transportation funding transferred already. District RCC schools have had their $750 transportation funding, in addition to their meals and registration fees, transferred too. If your budget clerk cannot find these budget lines, please contact us — perhaps the best person to start with is Paschel Bennett — — who works for Sylvia in the Office of Pathways to College and Career.

The SY2013 Coach Stipend System details the way that CDL district school coach stipends will be allocated this year. The first, base allocation ($1,500 for non-RCC schools, $2,500 for RCC schools) will be allocated shortly after T2. Then after T3, schools will receive $750 per tournament (for T1 – T3) at which they attain the UDL participation standard (8 debaters per tournament — 4 debaters per tournament for first-year schools), and after T6 schools will receive $750 per tournament (for T4 – T6) on the same criterion (participation standard attainment). Schools that attain the participation standard consistently can earn $6,000 in coach stipends for the year ($7,000 for RCC schools). Attainment of the participation standard reflects a healthy, well-functioning, robust debate program.

The SY2013 Tournament Reporting Notebook (the first sheet, Participation Standard) reports on attainment of the participation standard, so consult it whenever you need to see how much your coach stipend allocation should be.

And of course let us know if you have any questions at any time.

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