A Note about Meals at DePaul

Conference “A” and Conference “AA” Coaches,

For the DePaul Mid-Season Classic, there will be catered pizza lunches on both Friday and Saturday.

Schools are responsible for their own breakfast on Friday and dinner on Saturday.

We will provide each school a $6/person stipend to cover dinner on Friday ($5/person) and breakfast on Saturday ($1/person) – this will be made out in the form of a check to the head coach traveling with the team on Friday. We will provide meal money to cover each competing student, each coach and judge traveling with a school, and a few (no more than 5) observers per school, within reason. A coach from each school should prepare to have money available to purchase these meals on Friday and Saturday and use the checks they receive on-site Friday as an allowance to cover $6/person toward purchasing those meals – there will not be time to cash these checks on-site at a nearby bank.

Currently, David will plan to use existing registration from each school to determine the number of people in the amount of the check written, so please e-mail him before 1:30 pm tomorrow (Thursday) to add any observers, judges or additional students to this meal allowance check. Also, update your registration with David to accurately reflect the number of students we’ll need to provide you meal money for as soon as you know of it.

Here is a link to a map of fast food restaurants near the DePaul Lincoln Park Campus.

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