CMSDL T2 1NC Arguments in the Novice Division

We will have a lot of new schools at CMSDL T2 this Saturday — yea! and welcome, all!

A few coaches have asked for a simplified list of arguments that the negative should run in the 1NC (against the only affirmative case that is runnable at T2 in the Novice Division, Rail Investment).

Here is that list:

Economy Disadvantage (pp. 83-85)
Military Trade-Off Disadvantage (pp.116-117)
Harms Front-Line (p.15)
Solvency Front-Line (p.18)

They should be run in this order — preceded by a road map (“I will have two disadvantages off the case, then I will go to the Harms and Solvency on the case, time permitting”) and including sign-posting during the speech (“Now, going to the case, first their Harms contention . . .”).

If the 1NC doesn’t get to the full Harms and Solvency Front-Lines, the 2NC can complete these arguments. Remember, the CMSDL allows new case attacks in the 2NC, but does not allow new off-case issues in the 2NC. The 1NR of course cannot run any new issues — it is a rebuttal, it can only refute, extend, analyze arguments on issues initiated in the 1NC.

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