SY2013 Mentor Coach Program for the CDL and CMSDL

We would like to ramp up the Mentor Coach Program right after winter break. Part of the call we have now for the additional mentoring is the significant number of schools that have started their debate programs up since mid-November.

In the Mentor Coach Program the CDC connects some of the most experienced and proficient debate coaches in the city with new and less experienced CDL and CMSDL coaches so that their knowledge and expertise can be shared and disseminated. CDL mentor coaches are paid by the CDC $35/hour for site visits that they do, and report on to us, for their highly valuable work in the CDL and CMSDL. And coaches who receive mentor coach support also get CDL professional development credit.

All middle schools and high schools are eligible to participate in the Mentor Coach Program.

There are three categories of CMSDL and CDL schools that might take advantage of the offer to receive free mentor coach support for their debate programs, January – April:

(i) First-year schools and first-year head coaches looking for more regular on-site support than the CDC staff has time to provide (despite our best efforts!)

(ii) Experienced schools with large (or largish) debate programs that are looking for more coaching support than the one or two coaches that work for their schools can provide

(iii) Coaches that have a particular interest in working with another specific experienced coach, and would benefit from a structured partnership (and one in which the more experienced coaching partner is paid for their time)

Please let us know if you would like a mentor coach match, though we will be making suggested mentor coach matches ourselves.

And please let us know if you are interested in sharing the wealth of your experience and expertise as a mentor coach.

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