2013 NAUDL Nationals Public Debate Application

The 2013 National Association for Urban Debate Leagues National Championship, to be held in Washington D.C., April 18th – 20th, will lead off with a public debate on the transportation infrastructure topic at the Smithsonian Museum, in front of a VIP panel and a large public audience. Two teams from two Urban Debate Leagues will be selected by the NAUDL to participate, and represent not only their city debate league’s, but all urban debaters in this annual showcase event (which last year was coordinated by David). Participating teams will be provided an all-expense-paid trip to D.C. for the NAUDL Nationals weekend.

The CDL plans to put forward a single team, to submit an application prior to the deadline, February 8th. To do so, we would like to solicit interest from wherever it might exist around the CDL. Each school can recommend one team, by sending us an email, to cdc@resources.chicagodebates.org, by Friday, 1/18, with a one-page or less answer to these two questions:

(1) Why would your team make an excellent representation of the CDL in this public debate?

(2) Explain your commitment to ensuring your team’s commitment to thorough preparation for this event, beginning with your supervision of their application to the NAUDL by 2/8.

The NAUDL Public Debate Application has additional detail, an explanation of the application process (which includes making a 5-minute YouTube video of your students’ speaking), and the eligibility criteria, which includes (a) being an upper-classman (11 or 12 grader) (b) the team debating together at CDL tournaments, and successfully, and (c) the debaters having some public debating experience (likely defined broadly).

The CDC and CPS will select and announce during the week of 1/21 the one team that will apply to the NAUDL by the 2/8 deadline. The NAUDL will announce the two public debate teams on 2/15. The two teams selected will not be eligible to debate in the NAUDL National Championship.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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