SY2013 CDL Coaches Council Update

The CDL Coaches Council met four times, once each quarter.

Notes from these meetings are available for your review:

Q1 Meeting Notes

Q2 Meeting Notes

Q3 Meeting Notes

Q4 Meeting Notes

CDL Guidelines and Policies issues, and other issues related to the way the CDL is administered, are discussed in the Council, generating decisions and recommendations reflecting the views of schools participating in the League.

Here are the two elected representatives on the Council from each of the four conferences in the CDL:

Don Baumgartner, Marshall H.S. (“A”)
Robb Berry, Northside College Prep (RCC)
Scott Dodsworth, Thomas Kelly H.S. (LCC)
Robert Edwards, Phoenix Military Academy (LCC)
Adrienne Handelman, Williams H.S. (“A”)
April Mandusic, Power House Charter H.S. (“AA”)
Valerie Mason, Lane Technical H.S. (RCC)
Robert Wysocki, VOISE Academy (“AA”)

The agenda is set about a week in advance of each meeting, so contact one or both of your conference representatives to discuss any item you would like to see on the agenda.

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