CDL Coach Training Seminar VII — Saturday, 1/26, 9:00am – 12:00pm

The Chicago Debate League has its Coach Training Seminar VII on Saturday, 1/26, 9:00am – 12:00pm, at the Loyola Law School, 25 E. Pearson St.

Parking at lots near the Loyola Law School is $10, with validation from the lobby of the law school building (the Philip H. Corboy Center, 25 E. Pearson St.). The Loyola Law School is also right off of the Chicago stop on the CTA red line.

Registration is required. Register by Thursday, 1/24, at 3:00pm, by sending an email to

Attendees will earn three hours of professional development credit within the CDL system, and three hours of CPDUs.

We will adapt the experience level and depth of our coverage depending on the registration, including adding a second section if registration warrants, so CDL coaches at all levels should feel invited to register.

We’ll be reviewing and re-covering in depth these very fundamental CDL Debater Development Benchmarks, which we have taken on in previous seminars but will come to with new examples and teaching ideas:

Argument Inter-Relationships and Clash
(31) Analyzing argument inter-relationships within a broader policy context
(32) Resolving clashing arguments

Advanced Flowing
(33) Efficient flowing: use of readable symbols; ability to condense opponent arguments into short tag-lines
(34) Flow organization: proper use of spacing on single sheets and organization of issues between sheets; and flowing out one’s own responses

And we’ll also cover these CDL Debater Development Benchmarks for the first time:

(57) Narrating the overall, big-picture story of the debate in the last two rebuttals, or setting up that story-telling in the previous two rebuttals
(58) Identifying inter-relationships between issues in the debate and making strategic or conditional concessions in order to enhance one’s overall position (“Even if [or though] they are right about X, we still win because of Y.”)

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