Announcing the SY2013 Qualitative Performance Incentives

The Chicago Debate Commission is pleased to announce a brand new set of coaching incentives this 2012/13 school year: the Qualitative Performance Incentives.

For the 2013 Qualitative Assessment Project, each school will have four first-year debaters and up to four Varsity debaters assessed for their attainment of educational benchmarks, by qualified and trained evaluators at T5 or T6 (most will be assessed at T6).

Coaches will receive these late-season specific assessments done on their debaters following T6, but the Qualitative Assessment Reporting Notebook that will be posted about a week or so after T6 will document each school’s overall season-ending average qualitative performance rating (among several other aggregated qualitative performance metrics). And based on this overall qualitative performance rating, schools will be ranked and coach incentives will be given on a scale like those that will be given for year-end participation performance: 1st – 5th ($400), 6th – 10th ($300), 11th – 15th ($200), and 16th – 20th ($100).

The rankings that were posted based on early-season assessments won’t be factored at all into the rankings that will be used for these incentives. Only late-season (end of the year) assessments will be used to produce the overall qualitative performance ratings for each school. But if these early-season assessment rankings were used, here are a few examples of incentives that would be awarded: $400 to Marshall, $300 to Evanston, $200 to Brooks, $100 to Juarez.

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