Announcing the 2013 Mayer Brown Urban Debate Nationals Qualifier Teams

2013 Mayer Brown Urban Debate Nationals Qualifier Pods

Pods are balanced based on seedings created by the Chicago Debate Commission, drawing on competitive results throughout this season.

The ten teams competing at the 2013 Mayer Brown Nationals Qualifier are:

Lane Tech College Prep
Ariana Arnone and JP Walsh
Coaches: Andrew Fine and Valerie Mason

Little Village H.S.
Juan Castellanos and Ulisses Regalado
Coaches: Yvette Campos, Jose Ramirez, and
Christopher McCabe

Marshall Metro H.S.
Tiajuana Douglas and Veronica Kimble
Coaches: Jim Dorrell and Don Baumgartner

Northside College Prep
Jennie Wang and Pauline Esman
Coach: Robb Berry

Walter Payton College Prep
Cathleen Gui and Meg Young
Coaches: John O’Brien and Avery Dale

Perspectives Charter School – Joslin
Jenna Baker and Jose Cruz
Coach: Karen Sheehan

Von Steuben Metro Science Center
Beatriz Jimeniz and Jesse Okwu
Coaches: Ben Krier and Kathryn O’Day

Westinghouse College Prep
Andrew Singleton and Gabriel Neri
Coaches: Kelly O’Toole, Aundrea Holland, and Luke

Daniel Hale Williams Prep School of Medicine
Marissa Bacon and Mercedes Hall
Coaches: Adrienne Handelman and Kathleen Ryan

Whitney M. Young Magnet H.S.
Christian Palacios and John Vitzielos
Coaches: Angela Iagaru and Elyse Conklin

The 2013 Mayer Brown Urban Debate Nationals Qualifier will take place on Saturday, March 2nd, with a schedule that runs from 8:00am until 7:30pm. This qualifying event for the 2013 NAUDL Urban Debate National Championship is being sponsored and hosted by Mayer Brown, a leading global law firm with offices in key business centers all over the world, and headquartered here in Chicago, on the 32nd floor at 71 S. Wacker Dr.

Observers from any school in the CDL are welcome, but must register by sending an email to no later than Wednesday, February 27th, 3:00pm. The lobby of the building at 71 S. Wacker Dr. will have a security list — only names on the list will be allowed up, so all observers (everyone but the debaters and judges) must register in advance.

Each school participating will receive a $400 incentive. Each school will be required to supply one judge. Each school will be on its own for transportation to and from the event. Three meals will be provided by Mayer Brown during the event.

The event will include a workshop orienting the debaters to the legal profession, and titled “Urban Debate and Diversifying the Legal Profession”.

Each team will debate every other team in its pod once, and each team will debate on the affirmative and the negative twice. Each round will feature two judges — a Mayer Brown Volunteer and a CDL judge. There is no previewing of any kind for this event, as there will be no previewing at the 2013 NAUDL Urban Debate National Championship.

The team in each pod winning the most ballots, with speaker points functioning as a tie-breaker, will represent Chicago at the 2013 NAUDL Urban Debate National Championship, April 19-21, in Washington D.C., all expenses paid.

Chicago will be competing to try to re-capture the national title in urban debate, and to win its fourth NAUDL national championship in six years.

Let us know if you have any questions.

We thank Mayer Brown for its continued support, and especially Mayer Brown partner Mary Richardson-Lowry for helping to make this event possible.

Mayer Brown Nationals Qualifier Results Packet

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