The 2013 Chicago Debate Championship Eligibility Roster and the T6 Participation Standard

Please check the current Chicago Debate Championship Eligibility Roster for your school, which has a column listing the minimum number of debaters you need to bring to meet the participation standard (and receive $750 for T6, according to our Stipend Allocation System -– teams failing to meet this number will not receive this amount).

Here are a few things to note about participation at T6 and the Chicago Debate Championship Eligibility Roster:

      • All schools are required to participate at the Chicago Debate Championship.
      • All schools receive one “At Large” team to enter, regardless of the number of debaters they have on the Chicago Debate Championship Eligibility Roster.
      • Because there are no mavericks allowed at the Chicago Debate Championship, if you have an uneven number of debaters eligible in a Division – e.g., Phoenix has three debaters eligible in the JV Division – you can “even up” by adding a debater to your Chicago Debate Championship Eligibility Roster.
      • You can combine eligible debaters and your “At Large” debaters to make any team configurations you wish, though obviously Varsity debaters (those who have debated 10 or more rounds in any previous school year) cannot debate in the JV Division.
      • There are no substitutions. If a debater on the Chicago Debate Championship Eligibility Roster cannot attend the Chicago Debate Championship, she cannot be replaced by an ineligible debater.
      • The Chicago Debate Championship is one of the six regular, required CDL tournaments. The educational value of the Chicago Debate League is based on this full, six-tournament schedule, extending through the early part of April. T6 is as important educationally as any other tournament — likely more important than other tournaments, given its place in the schedule as a culminating event, and its inter-conference structure. It should be viewed by all coaches not as “the post-season” but, in the preparation for it and the debates held at it, the most educational stretch of the season.
      • The same Participation Standard applies to T6 as the other five tournaments, with this adaptation: if a school cannot register the full four teams (for returning schools) or two teams (for first-year schools) they must come as close as they can, using their At-Large in order to meet the Participation Standard. So, for example, Perspectives Tech is a returning (not a first-year) school that has two JV debaters and two Varsity debaters on the Chicago Debate Championship Eligibility Roster. Perspectives Tech should add an “At Large” team which puts them at 6 debaters — as close as it can get to the regular standard of 8 debaters, so 6 debaters is the adapted standard for Perspectives Tech at T6.

Please let us know if you have any questions as we look forward to T6.

2013 Championship Participation Minimums

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