Logistics for the 2013 Chicago Middle School Debate Championship — 3/9

The 2012/13 season in the Chicago Middle School Debate League culminates this Saturday, March 9th, with the Sixth Annual Chicago Middle School Debate Championship.

All debaters from all three conferences will debate together in three separate Divisions: Novice, Junior Varsity, and Varsity.

Our single site is Senn H.S., 5900 N. Glenwood Ave. Note that Senn H.S. is located at the intersection of Ridge Ave. and Clark St. (in the Edgewater neighborhood) but that it is the back of the school that appears visible from this intersection. The front — and the main entrance — of the school are on the east face of the school, on Glenwood Ave.

Please revise your registration using the CMSDLT5 Official Registration with Christine — christinehorst@resources.chicagodebates.org, 312-673-3875 — through Friday, 3/8, at 5:00pm.

Changes on Friday night should go directly to the Tournament Director:

Desiree Weber — desireeweber@gmail.com, 312-618-8109

And all schools must confirm their registration (or note any changes) with Desiree on Saturday morning, preferably by text message, and by no later than 8:15am.

As the CMSDL T5 Schedule lays out, breakfast and registration is from 7:30am – 8:00am, our opening assembly (which will be in the cafeteria) will start at about 8:00am, and then Round I will start promptly at 8:30am.

The forfeit rule in the CMSDL is 15 minutes after the posted start-time of a debate round, if a team is not in its room, ready to debate, that team forfeits. Our tournaments run on-time. We respect your time and the professionalism of all those attending, not to mention the expectations of parents and administrators, means that we cannot allow for lateness.

Quitting during debates isn’t allowed. Novice students must compete and should be encouraged to use their thoughts and the Core Files in order to use as much of their speech time as they can. The most basic rule of the CMSDL is that giving up isn’t allowed – being nervous is natural, but students don’t learn anything if they don’t try.

All coaches should be familiar with the CMSDL Argument Limits. In the Novice Division, the negative is now unlimited in its case attacks — which means that new evidence and arguments are allowed — but is limited to the off-case arguments in the Core Files, without new evidence. In the JV and Varsity Divisions, the negative is unlimited completely in debating against previewed (new, non-Core Files) cases, and is unlimited in its case attacks against Core Files cases. Against Core Files cases, JV and Varsity debaters are limited to off-case arguments in the Core Files, but they can use new, upgraded evidence to make those arguments.

All coaches should be familiar with the CMSDL T5 Runnable Caselist and the CMSDL T5 Accepted JV/Varsity Previews

For the Championship Rounds, to determine the top four teams in each Division, we will “break brackets” — meaning that two teams from the same school cannot debate each other in any of these rounds. And teams will be locked on the opposite sides of their “preliminary round” debate (if they had one); otherwise, the Championship Rounds will be flip for sides.

This should be an exciting, intensively educational high-point of our debate season. Good luck to all!

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