SY2013 Coach Compensation and Incentives

The Chicago Debate Commission has given out more than $31,500 in compensation and incentives to coaches this school year, and this tracking form identifies how much each CDL coach has earned in each category.

What’s more, the CDC will be awarding more than $20,000 at T6 and shortly thereafter, in the following categories (that, for obvious reasons, are well worth reacquainting yourself with):

Allstate Expanding Opportunities Incentives — $7,500

Participation Performance Incentives — $5,000

Qualitative Performance Incentives — $5,000

Professional Development Incentives — up to $2,000 ($100 per 10 hours of PD, up to the $200 per coach)

Golden Gavel Award and Finalists — $1,000

What all of this adds up to — more than $50,000 this year in CDL coach compensation and incentives — means that the Chicago Debate Commission is funding nearly 20% of all that debate coaches will receive in payment in the CDL this year.

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