CDL and CMSDL School Membership in the National Forensic League

All CDL and CMSDL schools are currently being enrolled in the National Forensic League for no charge — no charge now or in future years. Additionally, for this year the NFL is doing all of the administrative paperwork entering students’ participation points.

Only a few schools are being held back, having not yet completed their SY2013 enrollment and attendance in Cityspan, or (for guest schools) not yet having sent us their SY2013 student roster. Regarding guest schools in the CDL, currently this offer for free membership to the NFL is being offered to CMSDL guest schools but not CDL guest schools.

If you wish to opt out of membership in the NFL, just send us an email saying so.

The benefits to membership in the National Forensic League are:

  • Credential of having an NFL-certified debate program established at your school — certification that you, your students, and your administration can use in your advocacy for your program
  • Certificates and seals sent to you and your students, as part of the NFL’s “honor society”
  • Monthly issue of The Rostrum, the NFL’s publication
  • Eligibility to debate at the National Forensic League district and national tournaments

Principals are being sent letters from the NFL telling them that they are now an National Forensic League chapter school, and should get those letters by the end of the school year. Similarly, coaches should get their students’ certificates and seals by the end of June for their participation in competitive academic debate activities this year.

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