SY2013 Coach Compensation and Incentives

In SY2013, the Chicago Debate Commission disbursed very nearly $50,000 ($48,900) in coach compensation and incentives, and this tracking form identifies how much each CDL coach earned in each category.  Notify me right away if you believe there is a discrepancy between the amount that the tracking form says you earned and the amount you received this past school year.

In this context, “compensation” is payment for being invited to and participating in an invitational tournament — e.g., the 2013 McDermott Will and Emery JV Invitational.  “Incentives” are awards for high performance in certain basic categories: attainment of the professional development standard, increasing participation over last year (for Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” schools), participation performance, qualitative performance.

Most of these incentives have been in place now for a couple years, and are fully explained on the CDL website.  Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

Congratulations to the 56 CDL coaches who earned a portion of these funds!

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