Announcing the SY2014 CMSDL Coaches Council

As determined by an election held in each conference, the six conference representatives making up the 2013/14 Chicago Middle School Debate League Coaches Council are:

Kathy Craig, Alcott (“AA”)
David Ellis, McCutcheon (“AAA”)
John Jacoby, Old St. Mary’s (“AA”)
Chris McCabe, Zapata (“A”)
Bernadina Taylor, Shoop (“AAA”)
Greg Thompson, Lincoln (“A”)

The CMSDL Coaches Council provides input and guidance on the management and administration of the Chicago Debate League, including maintenance and revision of the CMSDL Guidelines and Policies.

Each year, every coach of the CDL can elect two coaches to represent their conference. Each of our three CMSDL conferences have two representatives creating a CDL Coaches Council of eight coaches, in addition to ex officio representatives of the CDC and CPS.

The CMSDL Coaches Council meets in person twice per year, once each semester.

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