CPS CEO Student Advisory Committee — Call for Applications from Debaters

The Chicago Public Schools CEO’s office has reached out to the Chicago Debate League to solicit applications from students who are participating in the Chicago Debate League to apply to be on the CPS CEO Student Advisory Committee. This new body will meet quarterly with CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett and provide her with direct student input on decisions and challenges the school district is facing. The CEO’s office said that it wishes to see debaters on the committee because of their reputation for being engaged students who are thoughtful, articulate, and informed.

The application needs to be completed and submitted by email to CEOSAC@cps.edu by Monday, December 2nd.

Only juniors (11th graders) are eligible to apply. Students from all public schools in Chicago are eligible — district, charter, neighborhood, selective enrollment.

CPS says that the benefits to being selected to be on the committee include:

  • Having a direct role in improving your school and CPS for all students
  • Gaining important leadership, public speaking, decision-making and team skills
  • Mentoring from some of Chicago’s most experienced leaders
  • It’s a great addition to your resume or college applications!

I would add that debaters can apply the critical thinking, research, and rhetorical skills they’ve been developing in the CDL on real-world issues of importance to them and to the city.

Questions should be directed to Tamara Prather, tlprather@cps.edu, 773-553-1477.

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