CMSDL Joint Tournaments

Chicago Middle School Debate League Tournament Two (December 14th) is a joint tournament for the “AA” and “AAA” Conferences, at Julian H.S. (10330 S. Elizabeth Ave.). CMSDL Tournament Three (January 25th) is a joint tournament for the “A” and “AA” Conferences, at Marshall H.S. (3250 W. Adams St.).

At CMSDL joint tournaments, two conferences debate together, inter-mixed, in three divisions: Novice, JV, and Varsity. The conferences are not separated. There are more awards given, however — up to 30 speaker awards and 20 team awards per division, though no more than 50% of the teams or debaters in a division receive an award at a competitive academic debate tournament, as a rule.

Joint tournaments are an opportunity for practices and standards to circulate more broadly throughout the Chicago Middle School Debate League. They are preparation for the Chicago Middle School Debate Championship, when all three conferences debate together in three divisions. And they provide variety and diversity for students.

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